My Background

I spent 15 years working at a cutting edge technology start-up doing everything from making coffee to overseeing the marketing team to managing the bookkeeping. I’ve overseen commissions that make royalty statements look straightforward and shipped hundreds of thousands of devices. I also assisted a super traveller once coordinating a trip through four cities in three days.

Other things I picked up along the way:

  • Google Apps for Business Consultant Training

  • Salesforce.Com Consultant, Admin, and Development Training

  • Network+ Certification

  • Microsoft Office 365 Administrator

  • Blackberry Tech Support (not as useful)

  • Cold Call Sales Training (NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN)

Most of my time at the company was spent moving information around overseeing the day to day operations of getting cell phones ordered and delivered and keeping them working. I’ve also consulted with businesses of all sizes on moving away from paper and into the digital age by converting processes from paper to the cloud before we used such a word.

My Writing

My first novel, TECHNICALLY, YOU STARTED IT, is a YA Contemporary novel-as-text-transcript that came out the summer of 2019 from Scholastic. So many of the same tools I needed in business management have been extremely useful in my author career. I’ve noticed that many authors are young or coming from academia and missed this valuable bit of education I received.s

My hope is to use my own experiences and show the tricks and tools I use to make the business of being an author even easier!

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Lana Wood Johnson

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